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  • 9 SPEEDS – Get the perfect activation and recovery with our 9 speed motor. With 9 different speeds, you can adjust the intensity level to get the perfect feeling whether you are looking for blood circulation (speed 1-3) or full muscle activation (speed 6-9).
  • PATENTED SILENT TECHNOLOGY – Recovery and activation should be peaceful. PyroFit is unlike any other massage gun on the market; it uses silent tech to allow you to recover in peace.
  • BRUSHLESS MOTOR – Not only beautiful on the outside, but PyroFit are packing on the inside! Our brushless motor to increase the lifespan of your device. Brushless motors help product less friction and heat. Studies have proven that brushless motors are ~90% more efficient in than other motors. 
  • MULTIPLE ATTACHMENTS – No more carrying around multiple products. PyroFit comes with 5 different massage heads so you can target EVER muscle with ease


1. Recover Faster

Pyrofit allows you to get deep into muscle tissue/fascia to help drain lactic acid and elasticity. This will allow you to recovery faster and build more muscle.

2. Eliminate Pain and Soreness

Open up your muscle faster and more effectively with Pyrofit. Our Double Barring technology allows you to get deeper faster which will help relax your muscle and return the fascia to its normal self.

3. Increase Performance

The best time to work your muscle is when they are free and warmed up. The last thing you want to do is workout/recover when you're feeling tight. Pyrofit will not only allow you to warm/free up your muscles quicker, but also help get blood to them quicker post workout.





  • Helps blood circulation to sore/tight muscles
  • Reduces muscle soreness
  • 9 speeds to help with any level of soreness
  • 5 different heads to reach every single muscle
  • Lightweight and travel friendly 

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Virginia Fahey

Très bien

Katherine Blick

Fast shipping

Jaylan Zboncak

Love it! Use it everyday

Nikko Jacobi

It arrived a lot sooner that expected. It’s so relaxing and really helps with my soreness after workouts. It’s a bit heavy but still love it

Lillie Roberts

really really really love this machine it was worth the money spent.